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The Great American Trucking Show, is a meeting of the trucking industry in Dallas Texas!! We are proud to recommend them to you.


The Mid America truck Show in Louisville, Kentucky is one of the largest Truck shows in the world! Here the Industry exhibits everything to do with trucking ACT is  proud and excited to be partnering with them to better serve you the American trucker! March every year. 

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Safeway is a wonderful Sponsor of ACT! 

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Located in Pendelton Oregon is a trusted source for your equipment needs and a donor and sponsor of ACT for over 35 years! 


Life coaching by Fred Carpenter & Team. Time to feel great, enjoy life and thrive at work.

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Lots of free advice and facts for Owner OPS and drivers and free software! As an Independent Owner Operator myself, I enjoy helping our customers become successful and profitable in the trucking industry. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us! 


Long time Supporters of ACT. 

Contact them

Transportation, LLC

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Haul Hound is a new donor and is looking forward to working with us much more in the future!! Here is a testimonial from a driver on their service:

“The best part about HaulHound is that they control the environment so drivers are not wasting their time. I can send them a message in the app and give them a heads up if I call on a load and it’s inaccurate. They have become sort of like a Watchdog and prohibit shady brokers from posting bad info. When I open the app, I know I will find real and legit loads.”  – Trevor D., owner operator

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A great Source for video, Skyborne 4D has donated to ACT with video and still pictures.  They do a wonderful job and we fully recommend them! Thanks Josh and Stephanie !!


JUST-IN-TIME Design is a website designing and logo creating service that best customizes your business or ministry site that draws out your particular vision not in word content only but also in presentation display. We are proud to recommend this service to you as JNTD has helped revamp the ACT website design and management.


They can insure owners in Indiana and Illinois and give the added benefit of advice from a seasoned owner operator on all things trucking !

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