per year

  • Network of prayer support in the body of Christ

  • It gets you into the ACT data base: It gives us the personal information necessary to have a record of your relationship with ACT. This may sound unimportant at first glance, but if we want to bless you with an encouraging phone call, or want to share an opportunity for a blessing, we cannot do this without knowing where to find you. Your name alone in front of us helps us as well call out to God on behalf of our drivers.

  • Keeps track of your giving: We are a 501c3 non-for profit, tax exempt Corporation; so at the end of the year we can send out a record of your giving; which may be qualified as a deduction on your income taxes. This may not be that important to some, however, we have found it may turn out to be significant amounts in the years to come. God has called us to be good stewards of what He has entrusted to us.

  • E–Mail, Facebook, & Postal updates: This keeps our members up to date with current events (Jamboree & the like), opportunities to participate, and needs of the ministry. Keeping a current mailing address with us allows us multiple opportunities.

  • Ministerial Credentialing Available: For those who need and qualify; we have a ministerial credentialing organization which issues to those who qualify: Workers Certificate, License as Minister, and Ordination.

  • Gives Access to Ministry Materials: As an ACT Member you may have access to witnessing tracks, DVD’s, CD’s, Cassettes, our publications, books, T- Shirts , etc…as well as discounts for outside resources as they become available. We are given free materials also to give out for free.

  • Trucker One Minute Pocket Bible: as resources are available(presently we have)

  • Christian Retreat Discounts: At our Florida, Minnesota, and New York Christian Retreats.

  • Membership Certificate for wall, and card for wallet

  • Driver Member  Events

  • Entry level advancement: Join the Driver Minister Program. Essentially it’s to recognize drivers that have a ministry that they are functioning in already. ACT can endorse, encourage, and provide ongoing training. This all starts with membership. Materials to assist you will be available through our Driver Minister Representative.

  • Other Additions: May become available from time to time. Your contribution and participation may be the key to enhancing this membership blessing…